DIY - leather cord love bracelet

Monday, 9 February 2015

I want to go through some basic jewellery making with you all today. I whizzed up these love bracelets in time for Valentines day to show you different ways of using cord ends. I was talking to my friend and she said how much she likes my tutorials but could never do them (she totally could). The key with jewellery making is to start small and build your skills up with each project, it's amazing how the most complicated makes become easy once you start to break down each step of the construction process. Don't be fooled by fancy findings, most pieces in the shops really aren't that complex, I promise. I have gone through all the steps below but if you have any questions please get in touch, I'd love to help you or even better come along to a jewellery making workshop

You'll need - Metal charms with an eye at either end, leather cord, cord ends (specifics below), 5mm jump rings, 7mm Jump rings, 7mm bolt ring 

Step 1. Cut your leather cord to length. Measure the exact width of your wrist and measure the exact length of the charm (you could use a charm like this, a fancy bead or cabochon wold also work just as well,). Subtract the charm length from the wrist measurement and divide by 2.

For the cord the same maths applies - wrist length minus charm length divided by two. I looped the cord through the holes at the side and made sure each length was the same. I added a gold crimp to keep the pieces of cord together, if you don't have a crimp then you can make a simple knot. 

Step 2. Using a 7mm ribbon end, add a small dab of glue between the teeth and insert the leather cord (you could use a heavy ribbon or lace). Squeeze the teeth closed with pliers.

Step 3. Using a 4mm cord end, add a dab of glue to the inside of the barrel and then insert the leather cord (you could use a fabric cord instead just make sure it fits snugly in the barrel).

Step 4. Using a box closure (I find these the trickiest to use) add a dab of glue to the centre and then add the cord. Carefully fold each outside edge into the centre to enclose the cord using pliers.

Step 5. Add the charm to the cord using a 5mm jump ring. To open a jump ring take a pair of pliers in each hand and really tightly clamp the jump ring in one hand (I'm right handed so do this in my left hand) With the opening facing up take the second pair of pliers in your other hand (right) and put them at a 45 degree angle to the opening. Gently open the jump ring by pushing the opening in opposite directions. Thread on your charm and cord to each jump ring before you close. To close push the sides of the jump rings back together in the opposite direction to how you opened it.

Step 6. Open a 5mm jump ring and thread the cord and a 7mm bolt ring, close. Open another jump ring and thread on a bolt ring and other end of cord.

I was so tempted to add extra beads and tassels but kept it simple for this tutorial. I really hope these bracelets inspire you to get creative, I've really been enjoying trying different makes lately so if you haven't had a go a jewellery making then maybe give these bracelets a try. Happy making! x

The leather cord used in this project was kindly gifted to me from Endless Leather, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. They look so pretty Charlotte! I love textile jewellery. These would be pretty to wear on a V day date to match your outfit or give to a sister or mate. x Samantha

  2. Wow! Your blog is so lovely! I'll keep on following it!
    xx Francine

  3. I'm in love with the colors you picked. I would definitely wear all three of these bracelets and probably at the same time. <3

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