DIY - floating driftwood shelf

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this floating driftwood shelf DIY with you all. I didn't know it was possible to love a shelf as much as this. The best bit is, is it really doesn't take long to make and put up - I think it took me about an hour in total. Combining this months Styling The Seasons and my bedroom project I wanted to start to add some detail to the room. I love the feel of driftwood it reminds me of holidays and I am slowing incorporating it into every room in the house. I found my piece of wood on the beach complete with rusty nails, if you're not near the coast then you'll need a piece of wood about 5cm thick and 12 cm deep (the length will depend on you!)  you could always rough up a bit or give it a simple whitewash for a more rustic feel. 
You'll need - A piece of wood, drill and 16mm wood bit, normal 6mm drill bit, rawl plug, large screws, (mine were approx 10cm). 

Step 1. I prepped my wood by cutting to the correct length (mine was 45cm long). I then marked my drill points 12cm in from either end of the wood. 

Step 2. Drill the holes in the wood. Make sure you drill far enough to make the shelf secure but not so far you go through the other side. I kept checking the length as I was drilling. 

Step 3. Mark on the wall where you want the shelf to hang. I mark the top of the shelf and the centre. From the centre measure outwards to the distance of the centre of the drilled holes. Make two more marks and then drill into the wall using a normal drill bit. Hammer in the wall plugs and then screw in your long screws.

Step 4. Keep checking the length of the screws against the shelf as you want it to sit flush against the wall. Once happy that the screws are far enough in the wall add your self and admire! 

I must mention (before I get a call from my Dad) this method works really with with small light pieces of wood like this. If you are using heavier and longer pieces of wood then I'd recommend using proper floating shelf brackets but you will need to chisel a dip at the back to cover the bracket. 
What do you think? I completely love it, its so handy for displaying bits and pieces. I think I've moved things around about 10 times since I've put it up! Happy making! x 


  1. It looks gorgeous, what a super find that driftwood was! Love the flamingo too! Sam x

  2. I absolutely LOVE this. Got some serious driftwood envy now! ;) x

  3. Totally agree - this is gorgeous! And I love that you found it on the beach. :) x

  4. Is there a DIY for the flamingo? Love the shelf!

  5. Wood-look ground surface is definitely not hard to keep up and easy to clean. You don't should be wary about your cleaning schedules or push over hurting tile when your canine races to the portal or your adolescent drops the entire pitcher of red see.

  6. Wonderful piece of art. You could try out our Top framing Nailer to help you save even more time at the next project. Good luck!


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