Styling The Seasons - January review

Friday, 30 January 2015

When Katy and I first dreamt up Styling The Seasons we were very certain that December was going to be the best month (and it was beautiful) but can I let you in on a secret? I think January has been my favourite so far. I'm not sure if its because everything thing feels fresh again after the glitter and sparkle of Christmas, the snippets of spring or that January is an untapped month of beauty, whatever it is, it's been wonderful. 
Image (top) Camellia Rose - Image (bottom) The Vintage Good Life
There have been some beautiful inky colour palettes and rustic touches (swoon), copper details and treasured finds. I have really enjoyed seeing posts from the southern hemisphere too, celebrating the abundance of blooming summer gardens. Despite being in deepest winter, the colourful posts make me so happy. 
Image - Tea with Ruby
What unites everyone that takes part in Styling The Seasons is the passion and joy that we are all finding in our homes. New homes, old homes, rented or owned - as each month passes we get glimpses into different worlds and it is so exciting. I love Pinterest but the realness of each post, instagram and tweet is what inspires me to create a new space each month.
I'm really looking forward to seeing where Styling The Seasons goes this year, Katy and I have some really great stuff planned. If you haven't joined in yet, Styling The Seasons is open to anyone that wants to take part all you need to do is style any surface in the home to reflect what the month means to you. Upload your image to your blog, instagram or twitter using the hashtag  #stylingtheseasons and make sure you let Katy and  I know so we can see it.  I now have a Styling The Seasons category tag at the side of my blog so you can see all my posts.

A HUGE thanks to everyone that has taken part this month, the posts are below.

Daisy Fay/ Gathered Cheer/ Little Green Shed/ Re-Made By Sam/ Claireabelle Makes/ Geoffery and Grace / Growing Spaces/ Sew a Little Love / Colour Living/ Tea With Ruby/ The Villa on Mount Pleasant/ Beak Up Crafts/ We Made This Home/ This Little Space of Mine/ The Vintage Good Life/ The Ordinary Lovely / Chasing My Village/ The Lovely Drawer/ Alltomkerstin/ A Crafty Alternative/ The Cabinet Makers Love Tale/ Afkes/  Camellia Rose/ Claire Living in London/ Lapin Blu/ Scraps of Us/ Cate St. Hill/ Lobster and Swan / Lapin Blu / A Quiet StyleLotts and Lots/ Apartment Apothecary


  1. Thank you Charlotte, styling the seasons is such a lovely thing to do. Great idea! Always love seeing them all and how every one is so different. Thank you both for hosting. Looking forward to February's xx

  2. Oh so cute Charlotte! I'm going to take part and blog about each months challenge. Your styling is beautiful!

  3. This is a lovely roundup, and I agree with you about enjoying the realness of the posts! It's nice to know the motivation behind the styling. I'm getting ready to photograph February's this weekend - looking forward to participating again!

  4. Oh, I love all of these! So very beautiful! Can't wait for next month's! xxx


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