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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

I was asked on Twitter last week what my favourite sewing blogs for beginners are so I thought I'd share some my best resources in more detail with you all today. Even though I have been sewing along time - having studied fashion at college and at uni - I still only ever feel like an experienced beginner. This year I really want to make time for more sewing projects, its a skill I don't want to lose and looking through all the links for this post I feel really inspired to start a few new projects.

Here are some of my favourite places for online inspiration
See Kate Sew - I have only just come across this blog but I love it, I want to make everything!It also has downloadable patterns which are great.
Cotton and Curls - I have been reading this for a while, you probably need a basic understanding of garment constuction but I love how Liz shows you how to make patterns from items already in your wardrobe.
Tilly and The Buttons - I love how there is such an enthusiastic community of sewers with Tilly's blog.  Its really inspiring to see all the different interpretations of her patterns.
By Hand London - Have really gorgeous patterns and sew alongs to accompany them. I have the Charlotte Skirt waiting to be made up.
Colette Patterns - Is a great resource for online patterns and they have the best sewing handbook. It comes with five different patterns and such good instructions for finishing garments. Buy it now!
Kollabora - I heard about this project sharing site a while ago but only signed up last week, there are some great projects, I really want to make this dress for my hols.
Pinterest - I find loads of sewing project inspiration on good old Pinterest. The only problem is I pin before bed and can't sleep for ideas.

If you can I would recommend taking a class in person you can't beat learning in person (Sew Over It and Ray Stitch, have great classes if you're in London). Practice really does make perfect so build your skills one project at a time and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Someday's you'll make something wonderful and someday's not, just have fun and remember your notches!

You can see some of my simple sewing projects here - One Seam Skirt, Lace Skirt, Simple Embellished Tshirt, easy fabric pouch bags 


  1. Hello, I've just discovered your blog through #stylingtheseasons - love it! Thank you for sharing these links. I love your photography too, really inspiring pics. Can't wait to read more! Sam

  2. Thanks so much Sam - this really made my day. I've been trying really hard to improve my photography so it's great to have some lovely feedback. :-) x


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