Moscot Pop Up

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A bit of a change from normal making posts to talk glasses and pop up shops. I've been wearing glasses everyday for the last 10 years (I take them off for photo's!) and if like me you have to wear glasses constantly, finding the right pair is a big deal. I had been looking for new glasses for about 18 months, I had tried the high-street and independent shops but alas, nothing was right.. I was heading to my favourite charity shop when I came across Mo and her fab pop up shop for Moscot glasses.
Moscot is an eye wear brand originating in Manhattans Lower East Side. It is still run by the same family and specialises in classic handmade frames using the same methods as they did 100 years ago. This in itself makes me feel a little bit special! I loved how the shop was set up and all the glasses paraphernalia dotted around, it was good to have something different in my local area - I always feel like I miss out on these things not living in a big city.
Mo, was the main reason I ended buying these glasses (I chose the Balebus style in Olive Bark which is a gorgeous khaki colour and goes with everything). She is so passionate and knowledgeable about her subject, she immediately knew what styles would suit me and let me try on as many pairs as I wanted. She is the main distributor for Moscot in the UK as well as a few other brands and specialises in (proper) handmade and vintage frames. They don't come cheap but they are worth it, I love mine so much and chose to wear them even when an occasion could call for contacts. The pop up has now gone but Mo has another sunglasses pop up planned for the spring time. She does however take appointments so if you're in London or the South-East please get in touch, she really will answer all your glasses prayers,

You can contact Mo here  and see more styles at


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