DIY LOVE - January

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I'm feeling so inspired to create of late. Since I gave myself the OK to have a bit more time off from just jewellery making and writing fewer posts my mind is becoming free to explore other projects. This doesn't mean I have fallen out with my jewels and pliers, quite the opposite. I'm just having fun thinking of different ideas and new projects. This past weekend I made and put up a shelf and created some artwork for the walls.

Of course now my horizons have been broadened my DIY list has expanded, here is what is currently catching my eye. 

Heart Wreath - Even though Christmas is far behind us, I really like the idea of creating seasonal wreaths. I love this heart shaped version for Valentines Day. 

Paper flowers - I spent a few evenings last week making up paper flowers. I'm trying to spend one evening a week doing something non screen based. These are perfect to make in front of a good boxset.

Wire basket - I see so many little wire baskets in shops and on the internet but always resist buying them. I have alot of wire in my stash and would love to give these a try. 

Embroidery - My sister and I did some embroidery over Christmas and I totally fell back in love with it. I'm not good with the neatness of cross-stitch but am really enjoying just stitching whatever comes into my head. So far its mainly been flamingo's, flowers and hearts! 

Leather Tassels - My love affair with leather and tassels shows no sign of stopping. I like the idea of room jewellery and want to make some larger tassels up for hanging around the house. 

Want more? You can find me on Pinterest as Lotts and Lots


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