DIY - leather, jewel & chain necklace

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

One of my aims for 2015 is to do less, take my time and enjoy being creative again. I got to a point last year when I felt I was pushing out ideas because they were in my head but not really enjoying the whole process as I get to get them up and published. I have realised now that a new tutorial a week isn't always going to be possible nor worthwhile. My mum said to me at the weekend...'If I can't keep up with you and I'm your mother, I doubt anyone else will.." Fair point.

I thought I'd share a slow project today. This necklace was inspired by illustrator, Sarah Smart, who shared this lovely lady on Twitter the first week back at work. I loved how feminine she was and the colours where just what I wanted to see on a grey Wednesday. I had a leather necklace idea bubbling away for a while and when a new leather delivery arrived I knew what I needed to create.

 I always start making by pulling my colour palette together. I loved the peach, mustard and raspberry colours  of the illustration and had been kindly gifted the gold and rose gold leather cord. I normally use slightly brighter colours but these darker tones work so well in January when summery colours don't feel quite right. 
It was great to spend time working out the jewel designs and cutting the leather shapes. I always use what I have to hand, the circles where traced from spare change and the jewels are mainly recycled. Once I had glued the jewels to the leather I put everything away for a week.
I did keep peeking at the jewels throughout the week - I couldn't wait to get it finished and made up! I joined the leather together with jumprings. Using two different sizes gives a sweet detail to the main design. 
 I then added cord ends to the rose gold leather and cut a piece of vintage chain to sit above the detail. I joined everything together with more jump rings and added a connector chain with a raspberry bead (to match the leather) and lobster clasp to finish.

In total I'd say that this necklace took me about three hours to complete. It wasn't a speedy project by any means but it was great to savor the experience of creating once again. I know that jewellery making is quite niche but whatever your area of creativity it might inspire you to take on a different project, use different colours (I think these colours would look amazing as cushions on a grey sofa) or even try something new entirely. Happy Making! x 


  1. This is just the most adorable necklace ever! I love getting a peek at your design process as well :)

  2. Rose gold leather! Got any left over for those heart bracelets? I still need to buy some from you!


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