Bedroom makeover (then and now)

Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy Friday! After taking a break from doing renovations to the house I finally feel ready to share some of what has been going on. I'm starting with bedroom as it's still an ongoing project and I'm secretly hoping you might be able to give me some advice/motivation to get it finished.
Let's start at the beginning. The bedroom used to be a dining room, the house was owned by the same family but was split into two residences meaning we had two of everything to sort out - kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It had an ugly fire escape at the back, dark green carpets, horrid flocked wallpaper and a vile gas fire - it all had to go. Once the wallpaper had come off a huge crack in the supporting beam revealed itself, in came the builders to add an RSJ to support the rooms above and the roof. The radiator from the room above was also leaking which meant we had to have some of the ceiling replaced. This wasn't cheap which meant our decorating and furnishing budget was very low.
We re-papered the walls. As much I love the rooms high ceilings papering them was awful - it took ages and only looks ok. I thought I'd love wallpapering but I didn't, I'd definitely pay for a professional in the future. We then painted the whole room white to make it feel clean again. As I started to get bored of white (not a good start) I silvered leafed the chimney to make the most of the bumpy walls and add a bit of interest. The floorboards were too damaged to keep so we carpeted the room in a neutral carpet. It breaks my heart to see that ripped out fireplace, I can't even think of how amazing it would have been if the original had been kept - sob! 
Now the room is under control I want to start to add some personality back in. Through living in the house I'm learning what we actually need and also what my/our style is. I love colour and texture and need to get more of that back into the room. I don't mind a mish mash of stuff but the room needs some more natural elements to it. These chairs are to be sanded back to wood and I have a new chest of drawers to do up either keeping the natural wood or maybe an eau de nil colour, to replace the one in the corner. I have old chandelier drops and coloured silk ribbons to make a light and a piece of driftwood to make a display shelf. I really want to sort storage around the bed as we both pile up magazines, receipts and paper work, these then get mixed in with shoes and I get really stressed! 
I have been pinning like mad and have pulled an inspiration board together. I really love the fresh and cosy feel of these rooms with bursts of colour and texture. 

Its actually been really useful to see everything on a screen I feel a lot less bothered and more excited to get started. If your feeling stuck I really recommend taking and printing some pictures of the room, it'll give you a whole new perspective. Pulling a moodboard together has given me so much more focus and direction all I need to do now is get started! Have a great weekend everyone. x


  1. Wow what amazing windows and light to have in a bedroom. Love some of your inspiration ideas too and the silver chimney!

  2. Thanks so much. The windows are one of the reasons I feel for the house. Glad you like the inspiration, I would love a week to get it all done.

  3. Ahhhhh those windows!! What a great change to the room, it feels so light and airy. You have chosen some nice ideas, the pops of colour will look great.

  4. Just found your blog. If you havent changed it already I would have a patchwork of different greys and silvers for a valance on the bed to give it pizzazz. Or maybe a valance with layers of grey light pink etc.


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