2014 Review

Monday, 5 January 2015

Before I jump into 2015, I'm taking a bit of time to look back at 2014. My words for the year were simplify and confidence but in reality I think the word that most sums up the year was hurtle. Not since my final year at uni have I worked so hard and felt so exhausted - I juggled like never before sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. My confidence deserted me completely in October but looking back I had completely run out of steam. I took a big step (for me), I eased off on myself and took some time out, I really needed a couple of months to recharge and regroup. It's taken a while to feel like myself again but I can honestly say I do, a slightly changed for the better version but definitely myself. 

As I tend to forget what I've achieved here are some of my proudest moments from 2014 

Workshops - I have taught groups from two to thirty people. Where I was once terrified, I now look forward to teaching so much especially as I'm teaching my own tutorials and ideas. 
Mollie Makes - I still can't believe I was in Mollie Makes four times last year. The front cover gift is an all time high.
Jewelry From Home - Alongside Lotts and Lots I also wrote the Jewelry From Home blog for most of last year. Writing two additional posts a week definitely stretched me but it was a fantastic experience to be part of.
Styling The Seasons - This is the first collaboration I have done and I love it. Working with Katy is fab - its great having someone to work with and come up with different ideas to create a really inspiring project. 
Tutorials - What I made was only a fraction that was in my head, on post-its and in sketchbooks.  I really hope they have inspired you to be more creative and keep your hands busy
House renovation - This has been my biggest DIY project ever, it was a struggle but I look at the house now and can see it was all worth it. 

Realising how much I managed to cram in last year (I have an almost full time job too) has given me a quiet confidence for 2015. Where as last year it was all about saying yes to as many people as possible this year I want to take my time and be more selective. I have read lots of blogs recently about slow blogging which I think is great, I always aimed for three posts a week but for 2015 I'm going to write two. I'll still be writing about jewellery making because its my passion but will aim to incorporate more home tutorials because these have become a passion too. 

Another big thing for 2015 is having a bit more off time, I really want to have time to sew and create on a whim instead of rushing home tired from work trying to write one more post. I loved the freedom and variety of Christmas making so want to keep that alive. Some other things I'd like to do are big project collaborations (not sure of what variety), more workshops and perhaps write a book. I might not do any of these things but I'm putting them out there to the universe just in case! 

Wishing you a wonderful 2015, thanks for all your kind words and support I really appreciate it. x

Tutorials (top image) 

Tutorials (bottom image) 


  1. I hear you on the slowing down and choosing what you say yes to. Saying yes to everything is such a quick way to burn out, but I think it's also a bit of an essential part of starting out to. An unavoidable evil! Wishing you all the best for 2015, you're going to do such great things! xx

    1. Thank you! I agree, I feel it was essential to try as many things as possible. I have started this year feeling wiser which is no bad thing!

  2. Oh my word! When you put all those beautiful DIY's together it's hard to believe you made them all in one year. Crazy! Hope your 2015 brings lots more (but in a calm, relaxing way...?) and blog collabs! We have to do that :D

  3. Yes to collabs! We must do something this year. It is crazy when you look back.


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