DIY - Liberty print christmas trees

Friday, 5 December 2014

Starting the first of my Christmas tutorials today, here is my very lovely Liberty Print Christmas tree. This is a really simple tutorial that can be made over the course of a few days if you are pushed for time or at once if you have an hour to spare. Since making this I have been leaving a trail of colourful confetti fabric around the house as I started it at my desk then moved downstairs when it got dark! Here's how to make...
You'll need - a polystyrene Christmas tree (mine was kindly donated from The Homemakery), a selection of Liberty Print Tana Lawn ( I used a mix of Betsy, Capel, and Tatum, supplied by a Liberty) and  pins.
Step 1. Cut strips of fabric approx. 5cm long and 1.5cm wide and then muddle them up in a pile. I did mine by eye so use your judgement.

Step 2. Starting at the base of your tree fold the fabric strip in half and pin, you want the fabric to overlap the edge by 1cm, covering the white base. Pin the second piece of fabric overlapping the first piece by 5mm. Repeat this step until the whole row is complete.

Step 3. Repeat the above step with the second row, you want your fabric to overlap the first row by about 1cm. Keep repeating this step until your whole tree is covered.

To display my tree is used this lovely little dish from Decorators Notebook, you could use any fancy dish/small flower pot that you have around the house, ideally something that can give a little bit of height so you can see the beautiful fabric.
After completing the tree I wasn't done so went on to make a bauble version, these were a little trickier but so sweet. I started by overlapping three pieces of fabric at the base of the bauble then layered the fabric over as I had done with the tree. For the first few rows I occasionally added pin hidden in the fold of the fabric to make the fabric lie flatter and then stopped after three rows so the rest of the fabric could puff outwards.

As you can see I have used more than three Liberty prints not all that I used are available online but I would definitely recommend Sheona Rose and Ciara in fact I think I might purchase some of the Ciara as I love it and it reminds me if summer gardens.

A bit of a bumper post today, I really hope it inspires you to add a little handmade magic to your Christmas. Have a super weekend. xx

A huge thanks to Kate at The Homemakery (if you haven't been on her site then you should, pronto) and to Liberty for the beautiful fabric.


  1. Love this idea - what a great way to use up scrap fabric! :) x

  2. These look so lovely in Liberty fabric. I've seen a few of these around on Pinterest put the Liberty prints make them so special x

  3. Thanks so much everyone! I love how the prints just mash together perfectly!


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