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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Let's talk simple home DIY's today. The turquoise cabinet has taken on a life of its own since posting here. I thought it's only fair to share its story along side another of my favourite ways to get colour into your home without spending a fortune. Starting with the cabinet...

Here it is, all sad in the secondhand furniture shop but with a bargain price tag of £35, I couldn't resist. I fell for its curvy details large shelves and handy drawers - it's perfect for housing my best china (yes that's what a grown up I am) and tablecloths.

The walls in the dining room are a soft turquoise (Farrow and Ball - Pavilion Blue) so I wanted something with a bit of life to sit along side. After much deliberation I went with Little Greene - Greene Vertider . I outsourced the painting to my mum as I was busy ripping up carpets. Her tips for painting are; prep the surface with a thorough but gentle sanding and apply thin coats, she did three. I have since used a Little Greene to paint a wardrobe and can verify that it is gorgeous to work with and the colours are really vibrant. I used a small roller which gives a really smooth finish so will only use rollers in the future.
The second DIY is this framed vintage Uzbekistani wall hanging I picked up in Turkey for about £10. I only ever buy pieces that I love so this is where you have to use your own taste and judgement. I know what colours get me all a flutter (yellow, pink, turquoise...) so bought knowing I'd find a place for it one day and it just happened to work perfectly with the wall and cabinet.
To frame I purchased a standard Ribba frame from Ikea, after much searching this was the best price and quality I could afford. I cut a piece of foam board the exactly the same size and the fabric, stuck it to the frame mount with as much double sided tape as I could use and then pinned the fabric to the board. I love how the metal discs and edging hang free.
To stop everything look so borrowed I found this great light from Habitat with 25% off, which made it under £20! I think the yellow ties everything together perfectly. If you're looking for well priced modern lighting then head straight to Habitat they have some great pieces at great prices ( I can't wait to show you my kitchen lights).

I know painting furniture is nothing new but when you're on a budget it's such a great way to get a bit of life into a room without spending a fortune. The same goes for framing fabric, I have framed a really pretty silk hanky in my bedroom it's totally unique and adds colour and texture for under £20 which is amazing.

All the details 
Cabinet - secondhand - try Gumtree 
Frame - Ikea
Textile - vintage Uzbekistani bought in Turkey but try this place online
Lamp - Habitat
Soda bottle - found in a flea market Barcelona
Basket - gift from South Africa
Fabric bobbin - India via Anthropologie (last Christmas)

PS - The chair and fringed shawl are both charity shop finds. The chair was £45 and shawl about £12. 


  1. WoW! love love love love! The colours are fab & I adore that wall hanging x

    1. Thanks so much Sarah-Lou! I've been a bit scared to share my home with so many wonderful home blogs around. I do love this corner the colours make me so happy!

  2. Charlotte, this is so gorgeous! I've loved your turqouise cabinet since the bloggers at their desks post and now I know it was relatively cheap to upcycle I want it even more! What a find. :) Leanne x

  3. Thanks Leanne- It was a real bargain but I hope it shows with a little imagination you can so easily transform pieces of furniture.

  4. I love your turquoise cabinet so much. What a bargain and your mum has totally transformed it. It looks great and perfect for your room x

  5. So pretty! Love the framed fabric as well. I have a beautiful silk hankie I never know what to do with. Think I need to find a good frame and put it up!


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