DIY - jewel brooch necklace

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I think this jewel brooch necklace might just be one of my favourite tutorials ever! Made from brooches found on two lucky charity shop trips its a perfect way to give old treasures a new lease of life. Despite looking complicated it is relatively easy to put together you just need a bit of patience and some very strong glue. If you don't want to break up your brooches like I've done here you could always fix them onto a pretty piece of ribbon and get a similar effect. Here's how I did it...
Step 1. Select your brooches, go for a mix of sizes and tonal colours. Cut all the backs off with pliers. 

Step 2. Work out your shape, I drew a rough neckline on a piece of paper so I could work out how my necklace was going to lay when worn - make sure you put the heaviest brooch in the centre for balance. Prepare small cord ends by flattening them out with pliers. 

Step 3. Using the strongest glue you can get your hands on - I recommend Araldite. Glue your flattened cord ends to the back of your brooches and leave to dry, ideally over night. If you have access to a soldering iron, then I'd definitely recommend this method too. These are heavy beasts so you want the fixtures to be as strong as possible. 

Step 4. Once dry join your pieces together with jump-rings , go for a 5mm for a neat finish. 
Step 5. Cut two pieces of cord 13cm long(I think this was 1cm thick). Of course this measurement will vary depending the length of your centre piece. It's worth double checking the measurement from the end of the central piece to the centre of neck, this will be the correct measurement.

Add a cord end to each end using strong glue.

Step 6. Attach your cord to the centre piece using jump rings. Its worth having a mix of 5mm and 7mm handy.

Step 7. To finish attach a lobster clasp and connector chain to the end of the cord, I added a little bead to really finish off, using 5mm jump rings .

I just love this so much, its a really special piece that I just can't wait to wear over the upcoming festive season. The trouble is now I've made one I want to keep going, my sparkle radar is firmly on and I have been scouring charity shops for more and more brooches to turn into these beauties. I'll keep you posted with creations as they happen, until then happy making! x 

Necklace accessorised with top - New Look, trousers - Boden and nails - Essie, Watermelon 

All final images the talented Siobhan Watts, Bless the Weather


  1. This looks great and is perfect for the upcoming festive season. I love how you have transformed charity shop finds into something so pretty!

    1. Thanks Kate - recycling doesn't have to be weird and frumpy!

  2. Looks so lovely and festive. And I LOVE your trousers :) xx

  3. Ooh thanks - I LOVE you photo's! xx

  4. Step by step video when u make the next one


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