Styling the Seasons - October

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Happy October everyone - here we are at another month and a whole new Styling the Seasons! This month I decided to focus on my desk area. After years of doing all my making on the floor I've finally got myself a creative area set up, it's got to be the biggest luxury. In the darkest renovation days, focusing on having somewhere of my own to work definitely got me through and as such I've tried to make it as creative as possible. Most of the rooms upstairs are painted white, but as I know how much I dread winter days I wanted this room to be as cosy as possible. I painted it Dulux, Carribean Sunset which gives everything a cosy peachy glow and is an absolute pleasure to work in especially when I have lamps on in the evenings.  The room is blessed with huge windows so I can always see the sky is doing and if I stand on tip toe I can see the sea! 
After many flower filled days I had to dig a bit deeper to find out what really got me excited for October. The materials I use have to be one of my biggest sources of inspiration - I spend so much treasure hunting I'm constantly on the look out for the unusual and colourful. I've been drawn to antique brooches alot recently so these pretties are currently taking pride of place. As you'll see I have lots of bits and pieces hanging around as I often use old projects as the basis of new ones. 
Because of the small scale of jewellery work, I like to have a range of pots close by to hold odd beads and new projects, I bought this little lace basket from The Range but usually stick to vintage or recycled glasses so I can easily see what I have around me. 

If I'm honest my desk isn't usually this tidy but clearing it up for this post gave me a ton of new ideas, there is something so refreshing about having a clean space that soothes my mind but gives me so many ideas too. 
As I said in yesterdays post, I have loved hearing the stories behind items. I've had this old Ikea desk for over 10 years, it was an integral part of my degree. It folds out which is perfect for big projects - I have cut so many patterns and written so many essays at this desk. The framed paper bag was a lucky find but again I have so many memories of visiting Berwick Street in search of silks for projects, it is always a favourite place of mine to visit when I'm Soho way. My friends are such an inspiration for this blog, my best friend drew me the shoe and we bought the scarf on a random visit to antique shop. The other bits are collected from my mum and sisters. 

I've only had my shelf up for a few days and I've already added more to it, its at eye level so everytime I look up I can see all my best bits. 

So here is what my October looks like, a fresh start and a space to be creative - what does October look like? Join in all the Styling the Seasons fun using the #StylingTheSeasons hastag.


  1. Love the beautiful colors in these photos an your cute blog in general! :)

  2. Sooper sweet & love that framed bag! x

  3. This just makes me sigh with happiness. You're surrounded by such beautiful things. Because I have two very young children, I have to keep anything sparkly hidden away or out of reach but I look forward to the days of displaying everything again.

  4. Thanks so much everyone - it really is a joy to do every month!


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