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Monday, 6 October 2014

I absolutely love Monday its the best day of my week, rather than have the Sunday night dreads I get so excited about what I can do the next day.  If you follow me on Instagram it might look all jewels and flowers but behind the scenes it's rarely that, I wont lie it's been harder than I thought especially balancing what I think I can do verses what I can realistically do, for todays post I thought I'd share so things I have learnt. 

Get dressed - whilst it's tempting to schlep around in pj's or Sunday's leggings; showering, getting dressed and putting on a bit of blusher gets you in the mid-set to work.

Work out what your best time of day is best for you - I'm most definitely a morning person so I do all my tutorials first thing when I'm most inspired.

Drink some water - sounds so simple but I spent months so caught up doing projects that I didn't stop to eat or drink anything and then end up crashing about 3 o'clock. I now keep a jug of water on my desk which keeps me going.

Take regular breaks - Another simple one, but again I ignored this so many times. I hate to waste a minute of my favourite day but not stopping for lunch turned me into a crazy lady. I now allow myself a break in the middle of the day.

Get a separate bank account - This is something that I wish I had done from day one, I was put off by having an official business account as I don't earn enough to warrant one but opening a separate current account with its own card has made my finances much less muddley and stressful to organise.

Manage your time honestly - I read something somewhere about time management and it said look at the spare time you think you have and then half it to get the accurate amount of time you to work with. Due to my initial enthusiasm I thought I had 8 days a week spare instead of one, trying to write three tutorials a day is just not possible (I learnt this to my peril a few times).

Just get on with it - writing elaborate lists and grand plans is brilliant but writing a list isn't the same as getting something done, roll up your sleeves and get started - it's the only way you're going to find out if something works.

Know when to stop - for months I started work at about 8 in the morning and then worked straight through until 10pm. This was the worst thing but I found not having the boundaries of a traditional working day meant I felt guilty if I stopped working. I've started going to pilates on a Monday evening as it means I have an end point to my day and stretches me out after being hunched of my laptop or work table.

My original Monday post is here and if you'd like to come and join me at a workshop you can find all the lastest dates here.


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