Styling The Seasons - September Review

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I was texting Katy yesterday, trying to choose our favourite entry for Styling The Seasons for September but I just couldn’t, all the entries have been so so good. When we started this project we wanted something that everyone could participate in and interpret in their own way, which has made choosing a winner impossible. As we’ve rolled into autumn, our Instagram feed (#StylingTheSeasons) embraced the end of summer with hydrangeas and coloured dahlia’s and now autumn coloured leaves, feathers and conkers are signalling a new season is upon us – its been a joy to see it take shape and evolve. 
Without sounding like an X-Factor contestant, it’s been a personal journey too. As someone who constantly doubts themselves, seeing how different everyone is has given me reassurance that its ok not to be like everyone else and just go ahead and embrace what I love (colour, flowers, DIY and more colour). A little envious of everyone’s clean spaces, I’ve been much stricter about clearing things that have no use or value and creating inspiring area’s around the house. I’ve cleared a lot of clutter from my dressing table adding tiny vases of flowers and happy pictures around my mirror as well as adding fading summer flowers and golden autumn leaves to tabletops and the mantle piece – mixing in a few candles for cosy nights. 
Image - Lapin Blu 

I think the most import change I have noticed is in myself, I’ve spent so much time rushing around this  that the first six months of the year went past unnoticed. September has been my most fulfilling month so far; taking time to jiggle things around at home, spending two minutes in the garden, putting things in vases has given me space to think and reflect about what I want to do next and what dreams I want to peruse. Styling the Seasons has become more than a hashtag, its become a way of life. 
Image - A Quiet Style

A massive thank you to all the bloggers that have taken part and written posts and to everyone who has instragrammed and tweeted their #stylingtheseasons entries. You are all wonderful! The fun doesn’t stop, tomorrow is the start of a whole new month so make sure you join us. 

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  1. It has been so inspiring to see all the contributions, and a bit like you, I now have an overwhelming desire to juggle things at home! Such a brilliant idea, I look forward to joining in again, and thank you for including my photo here. Enjoy your week. Emma x

  2. I've loved seeing how everyone has interpreted the challenge so uniquely & personally, it's been really inspiring, and thank you muchly for including my little space. Looking forward to October x

  3. Yes it's such a great thing to see everyone's contributions, all unique !
    I am happy to see my living room here, I am most honoured !


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