DIY - statement tassel earrings

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ooh I'm excited about these statement earring beauties. I feel like I have got my jewellery making mojo back these last few weeks so I'm giddy with excitement to share this new earring tutorial with you all. Inspired by the amazing Dolce and Gabanna versions I have seen floating around the last 12 months - go to Pinterest and search Dolce and Gabanna earrings, to see what I mean. I really love how they have been playing with different mediums to create wrong but right jewels. I made these mixing up my favourite materials - leather and coloured jewels (I used a mix of vintage, recycled and new) and a basic earring connector. Here's how I did it.
You'll need - Mix of jewels, don't be afraid to cut pieces of jewellery up to get what colours you want, silver discs, leather, cord ends, 4mm & 5mm jumprings, E6000 glue, earring connectors, earring stands.
Step 1. Make a tassel, I had some peach tassels left over from my tassel bracelet, use step 4 as your guide. I then glued tiny coloured diamante around the tops using stones cut from old necklaces. 

Step 2. Glue your stones onto the discs, making sure you don't cover up the holes

Step 3. Flatten your cord end and stick to the back of the stones - you could also just glue these to the discs as step 2. 

Step 4. Glue your stone to the earring stand, cutting off any excess loops beforehand. 

Step 5. Decide on your arrangement, its best to hang the largest stone/tassel at the middle and then decrease in size outwards. Fixing to the earring connector with either 3mm or 5mm jumpings. I like to keep the jumprings as small as I can to avoid too much gaping. 

Step 6. Add the earring to the earring stand with a jumpring. I used a diamante earring stand to match the sparkle on my vintage jewel.

I started wearing these last Wednesday and have worn them everyday since from work to drinks, from drinks to the garden centre - they work for all occasions with the added benefit of putting the razzle into the dullest of days, this is definitely a tutorial to try - Happy making! x


  1. Hi, lovely earrings. Where did you get the earing chandeliers from? I've been trying to find some like that for ages! Thanks

    1. Hi Claire.

      I can't remember exactly where I bought them from - I think they were from a local bead shop. If you'd like me to buy and post some to you drop me an email and I'll happily do so! xx

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