DIY - multi strand charm bracelet

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The heart of this blog is jewellery making and I realise that new tutorials have been lacking this past few months. I really had to spend a bit of time sorting myself out after moving and taking a bit of time off and do normal things. Now it's a new month I'm feeling rested and inspired and have a list of new ideas as long as my arm! As a thank you for being so patient I have written a tutorial with five different techniques, you don't have to do them all so pick and choose depending on what you have available.

Continuing my 'end of summer' theme from Mondays Styling The Seasons post , I've made this tutorial using up all my bits left over from summer projects in delicate peaches and golds that remind of hedgerows and wanders around fields. Here's how to make.
You'll need a mix of cord, leather, beads, charms and chain. Any odds and ends that need using up are perfect for this project. For all the finding mention take a look at this post for details, E6000 glue can be found here. 
Each length of cord, chain or beads will need to be your wrist measurement plus 1/1.5cm depending on how loose you want your bracelet to be.

Step 1. Using leather or cotton cord, apply cord ends. Apply a dab of glue to the centre, pop the cord in the centre and fold the edges over. If you are adding beads then add them now before adding the cord end to the other end.

Step 2. I used cabochons left over from these projects I have included links where to buy everything on the post. Glue your shape to the centre if a cabochon mount and leave to dry. I wanted my cabochons to be about a third if the way only the bracelet, I cut one piece of chain smaller than the other and fixed everything together with a jump ring.

Step 3. This step is just the same as my beaded heart bracelet. Cut a piece if tiger-tail approx 20 cm long add a crimp and a calotte and then add your beads. Once you get to your desired length add another calotte and crimp to finish.

Step 4. I love making tassels, based on my summer tassel necklace (which I have been wearing loads recently) I made some tassels using scraps of leather. First cut a strip of leather 1.5cm wide and approx. 15cm long then cut a second strip no wider than 0.5cm and about 15cm long. You will have some left over. On the thick piece if leather make cuts in the leather 0.25cm apart making sure you stop about 0.5cm from the top. With the thin piece of leather cut it into 3cm strips fold in half and glue the ends. Cut a piece of your newly fringed leather approx 3/3.5cm long add glue to the top section and roll around the small strip creating a tassel. I promise this is easier than it sounds! Add to a piece of chain using 5mm jump rings.
Step 5. Taking some head-pins and beads, add the beads to the head pins cut off the excess length (you'll want about 1.5cm sticking out the top) and then make a loop with the wire. Fix onto some chain cut to the length of the bracelet.

Step 6. Line everything up in the order you want everything to sit. I went with the heaviest beads in the centre balanced with heavier chain at either end. It's worth thinking about the weight distribution at this point as you want your bracelet to sit evenly.

Step 7. Using 5mm jump rings fix everything to your clasp. Start in the centre and fix everything out wards, fix your clasp together and then fix the other ends, this makes sure everything lines up. I went for a magnetic clasp (which I have never used before) as it gives a really neat finish.

It's a bit of a bumper tutorials but broken down each step it perfectly simple to do. One thing I've learnt teaching over the summer is people would create more if they had the time. If you did one step per evening (each step takes10 - 15mins) you'd have a whole bracelet at the end of the week! There's always a way to make time for making - until next time happy making! x


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