Handmade - 1940's chain earrings

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Despite the fact that I write one or two new tutorials a week I rarely make pieces for myself anymore. Before I started blogging everything I made was just for me - I could go off on a tangent, not worry if steps are easy to follow or if I could capture the method in the right way, I won't lie I've missed it a little bit. In my head designing a piece of jewellery is very different to writing a tutorial, which I absolutely love doing. When I make for myself I love to mix different colours and textures and tiny little details that no one apart from me will notice but have such a big impact on the overall look. 

I made these earring a few weeks ago for a friends wedding to match the colours of the dress I was wearing. I used really special vintage beads that I bought at Tinsel Trading in New York. They're from the 1940's (I think) and still have their original packaging. The navy wire I picked up years ago and chain is just from my odds and ends box - I'm really happy with how they have turned out, its put the thought of selling jewellery back in my head again. 

On a completely separate note I'm not sure I'm totally happy with this back drop but I am happy with my new (secondhand) macro lens - look how clear all the chain is! Looking forward to playing around with it a bit more and writing some new tutorials very soon (I promise).


  1. Ahh they're so lovely and your new lens is certainly doing them justice! x


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