DIY - coffee table makeover

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Is it strange to buy a coffee table before you've even started looking for a house? Probably, but it didn't stop me. I found this table in Alan's cabin at my local tip about 2 years ago for ten whole pounds. I knew that one day it would make the perfect coffee table so until a few months ago it was stashed away at my parents house until I had the room/house to put it in.

Once moving day was looking closer the table arrived at the house all covered in hideous brown varnish. I tried a few different ways to remove the varnish; varnish stripper which worked a treat on the beams in the hallway but not so much on this table and then a good sanding. Both techniques didn't quite give the look I wanted (natural wood) so I called in Col with his plainer to completely strip it back. 

Here's Col giving the table top a complete plain, I was a bit intimidated by the blade so left it to the expert...
...but then I couldn't resist giving it a go so I gave all the legs a plain. Turns out plaining is alot of fun. 
 ...I  finished it off with a layer of Briwax, I'm not sure if this is the right stuff but I had it for the hallway and couldn't face another trip to Homebase to buy another product.

It still looks very fresh so I'm looking forward to it ageing over time but for now its perfect, in fact its so nice I leave all my stuff on the floor around it to keep it clear! Most of the furniture for the house has been upcycled in some way so I'll be sharing more of these tutorials as time goes on. Happy Making! x


  1. Looks great! Love the photo styling too!

  2. The love that you put into it shows - it looks fantastic and an absolute bargain at £10! x


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