DIY - bow tshirt

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A simple DIY for you all today. A T-shirt very similar to this caught my eye when I spent the evening at Liberty and I knew I just had to give it a go (I'm sure there are a ton of similar DIY's on the internet but I couldn't find any when I was looking). It doesn't take very long to put together or require any fancy materials just some ribbon and needle and thread. For adults I think black and white works best otherwise it will become too sickly but if you wanted to make with little ones coloured t-shirts and contrasting ribbon would work perfectly well. Here's how to make.
You'll need - A plain t-shirt (not the really stretchy kind), 6mm ribbon (approx 2m long) and needle and thread.

Step 1. Tie bows in your ribbon (how to tie a bow) you'll need 8 - 10. 

Step 2. Place your bows on your t-shirt and pin into place. Its worth marking where the centre of your boobs are, avoid putting bows directly in the centre as it can look a little odd! 

Step 3. Stitch into place and give everything a little press

See - so simple! I've worn mine here with my favourite black trousers and think it looks best when it isn't worn too girly. Happy Making! x

Thanks to Jo at The Only Place for the photos

Worn with - Gold Leather Wrapped Bracelet DIY, Trousers, Mango


  1. Really simple idea but like it for a quick make over! Samantha


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