Workshop - Introduction to Jewellery Making

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I've been teaching locally for almost a year now at Make, Do and Mend in Chelmsford. Hannah, Hayley and Alie have made me feel so welcome, I really look forward to teaching my tutorials to all the lovely ladies that come along. At times teaching still feels very new but I'm slowly figuring it all out, I've learnt that I can't do enough preparation and am really grateful to the team for letting my try new ideas and classes. Teaching people to make and be creative has turned into a bigger passion than I ever thought it would be and seeing all my tutorials come to life is amazing, I always try and take a few seconds to observe, I'm so hard on myself I need to remember take pride in what I am doing and how far I have come in a year (see first workshop post here). 

A few Saturdays ago I taught an Introduction to Fashion Jewellery - three techniques, three bracelets, three hours. The class was more leisurely that I have done before with the focus on students really learning the basics of jewellery making so that they could take the skills away with them after the class. The feeling of someone 'getting it' never wears off and I always get so excited to see what everyone is going to create - it always amazes me how different the results are with the same materials. I've listed my upcoming classes at the bottom of the post,  if you're Essex way I'd love to see you sometime - until then happy making! x 

Statement Necklace - 9th August and 15th September

Introduction to Fashion Jewellery - 18th August

We're finalising September, October and November dates so I'll share those as soon as we're done.

You can book all the classes here (scroll through until you see the classes)


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