My Favourite...Pink Trousers

Friday, 18 July 2014

After a half-hearted attempt to share some of my favourite things, I have decided to try again, This time I want to talk about my favourite clothing purchase of the year - pink trousers. I bought these on sale in Mango at Christmas and have worn them for all occasions; my birthday (see post here), when I need to feel confident teaching (see here) and like in the photo above hanging around orange groves (I admit this is less frequent). The beauty of these is they work with all the classic colours; black, navy, grey & camel, all heel heights from Converse to a jazzy flat and then all the way up to my personal favourite, a classic Louboutin, they actually go with everything - amazing! I have fashioned a little moodboard below if you still need convincing. If you don't and want to jump straight in, this fitted pair from Asos look good and also these from Mango (I think they are my actual pair). Come and be the girl in pink trousers with me, its fun! Have a great weekend everyone. xx


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