Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I mainly write these month posts for myself as I'm not sure how interesting they really are?!  July is here which means we have tipped over half way through the year, its scary how fast time has gone this year, I've barely had a second to look up. This month I want to take it a little bit slower, I have hurtled through the first sixth months so for the second I'm going to try and slow down and enjoy myself a little more, you don't have to do everything right now, do you? Here are somethings I am looking forward to. 

A hen do 

A weekend away with my Mum 

Teaching The Basics of Jewellery Making at Make Do and Mend in Chelmsford. If you're in the area come along, I love teaching with these lovely ladies the classes are always so much fun. 

A day at Hampton Court Flower Show - learning how to garden is my new thing

Sharing some summery posts, there is a quite a bit of sewing coming up so dust off your machines!

Have a great month! 

Inspiring me this month - Summer Statement Necklace (tutorial coming soon), embellished lace necklace, stone necklace, Liberty Betsy fabric, vintage table cloth, Menorcan Sandals, turquoise beads, snakey shoes from M&S with more than a touch of the Sophia Webster's about them


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