DIY - Summer Statement Necklace

Friday, 4 July 2014

This summer statement necklace is a lesson in many things; one, don't try and attempt a big make mid-move and two, if at first you don't succeed...I started this a few months ago I was giving an early make a revamp, my initial idea was to attach a diamante strip to the cord and keep the big crystals on the colourful cord it didn't work and looked awful so I put the necklace to one-side and let it simmer for a while. A few weeks ago I went back to it and this is the result, there are some vague steps below, I was making it up as I went along. 
Step 1. Gather your materials, you'll need thick cord, chunky chain, cord ends, lots of 5mm jump rings and head pins, crystal beads, a selection of beads, bolt clasp, tiger tail and crimps - its a long list, sorry about that but you don't have to stick to it. See this post for a supply list.

Step 2. Cut the chain to length (mine was 45cm) and then cut a piece of cord 2cm shorter and apply your cord ends with strong glue, leave to dry. Once dry stitch onto the chain, try and keep it as central as possible. 

Step 3. Start to add your crystals, keep the largest in the centre and work outwards. Fix to the chain using your 5mm jump rings. 

Step 4. Now add your smaller crystals, add a few in with the large ones to start to blend the sizes. 
Step 5. Thread smaller beads onto a length of tiger tail (approx 12cm long) fixed with a crimp at either end. If you don't want/ or have tiger tail then you can stitch your beads straight onto the cord. In hindsight I might have done this.

Step 6. Stitch your beads onto the cord, try and get them as central as possible

Step 7. Now all the layers in place, assess the amount of beads and colours. I decided to tie the small white beads into the main crystal design so threaded a few white beads onto head pins and mixed them into the centre.

Step 8. Add your clasp to the main chain to finish

I bought these crystals years ago, I have been having a look and these from Ebay look a good substitute. I'm rather pleased with how this turned out in the end, I give it it's debut last week and it went down a storm! I have some more photo's of this necklace that I can't wait to share I teamed up with Jo the other week and she has taken some gorgeous photo's of the work in progress. Have a great weekend and happy making! x  


  1. Love that color of cord, and how you combined it with the chain!

  2. Thanks Erin! This has been a real star!


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