DIY - embellished canvas shoes

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

After my last summer statement necklace, I'm sharing an easy tutorial this week. These embellished canvas pumps are an ideal make for any age and ability, if you're worried about your drawing skills then stick to lines like I have here, if you're feeling more confident then I'd go for something more complicated. I jazzed mine up with some jewels (of course!) but you don't have to. All the steps are below. 
You'll need; Plain canvas pumps (mine were from Primark), Fabric Pastels, Tape (only if you're doing stripes) and Jewels (I used hotfix

Step 1. Tape of the section you want to keep plain. If you're doing a random pattern then you can skip this part.

Step 2. Draw on your pattern, I went for a mix of blue stripes because they were nice and easy

Step 3. Using a pressing cloth and hot iron fix your colour 

Step 4. Embellish, making sure you keep the colours tonal and textures mixed

These are so quick to make and perfect for days when then sun doesn't quite come out and is too hot for converse. Happy Making! x

A massive thanks to Jo for the action shots, I'm slowing getting more comfortable with being on the internet.


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