Travel - Soller, Mallorca

Friday, 27 June 2014

It's been a while since I posted anything travel related so lets go for a wander around Soller, Mallorca. By time this holiday came about we were so tired we could hardly speak, our decision on where to go was purely based on what the cheapest flights from Southend were! Mallorca was the cheapest so off we flew. As Dan is a huge cyclist we based ourselves in the pretty town of Soller nestled up in the mountains amongst the orange groves. It's not massive and you could easily explore in a day if you're not staying there but is a great place to base yourself if you fancy hiring a car and seeing different parts of the island. We visited Valldemossa which is about a 30 min drive away and is gorgeous, Palma by vintage train, Es Trenc for the beach and over the mountain to Pollenca, the views are stunning so definitely worth doing. 

Soller isn't a complicated place but it is rather charming, there are loads of cafes my favourite was Cafe Scholl off the main square, deli's and a few little boutiquey shops which are always worth a nose. There are places selling Menorcan sandals on the main shopping road and they are much cheaper than in the UK - I'm only telling you this as a friend of a friend said that you couldn't get them, but you can! 

I took a few snaps but didn't go crazy as I was enjoying doing nothing but I hope these give you a flavour. I have more photos of the beautiful orange grove we stayed in and from the beach. I've gone a bit dolally this week and its taken ages to string a even a basic sentence together so enjoy these and I'll share more soon. Have a great weekend xx


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