Things I've learnt from my Dad

Friday, 13 June 2014

Lately I've realised something kind of good albeit slightly scary, I think I'm turning into my Dad (I call him Col). It's no bad thing he's a good'un (don't worry so are you Mum). In honour of Fathers Day this weekend I'm sharing some of the wisdom he's passed onto me...

The importance of a good breakfast - Col likes nothing more than a solid four courses everyday!

Pay your money, take your choice - if you buy cheap you'll get cheap (mostly)

Travel comfortably - my dad has worn the same denim shirt/chino/deck shoe combo when travelling for as long as I can remember. At the airport last week I realised I was wearing very something similar (although no deck shoes), it works every time

Life balloons - not sure when this came about but Col talks about life balloons a lot to my sisters and I. Imagine the most important elements of your life as balloons (work, friends, family, etc) those balloons  all  need to be the same size to get a good life balance, simple. 

Always choose a round neck jumper over a v neck - no negotiation 

Even when things get tough don't give up, it's just a rough patch

There's loads more I could write but maybe I'll save them for next year! Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Fathers Day Dad x 


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