DIY - bead & wire wrapped hoop earrings

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

It's new tutorial time, these little bead and wire wrapped hoop earrings are perfect for all summer holidays. I never buy jewellery when I'm away I find that it's usually the same old stuff (of course, there are exceptions) miscellaneous ethnic silver, dodgy felt earrings or plastic-y necklaces that I can buy at home. Instead I like to make my own fresh batch to take with me. These earrings were really quick and easy to make, I made these mid-move and they took about 30 minutes so ideal for anyone on the go.  Here's how to make...

You'll need- 0.8mm wire, 0.4mm wire, large seed beads, earring hooks

Step 1 - Cut a piece of 0.8cm wire approx. 20cm long. Make a 90 degree bend about 5cm down and wrap around something round, I used the neck of a bottle.

Step 2 - Thread on 7 seed beads. You can use more, you can use less but I found seven to be a good number, however many beads you use make sure you keep the numbers odd. Fold the other end of the wire over the straight wire to secure.

Step 3 - Take a piece of 0.3mm wire approx 60cm long and thread through the middle bead. Do two wraps of wire one side of the bead, then push the next bead close to the wire and then do two more wraps of wire, repeat this step with all the beads.

Step 4 - Wrap the wire tightly around the hoop. I find it's best to use my fingers as using pliers causes the fine wire to snap and I can get in closer to the beads. Don't worry if you hoops look a bit squashed at this stage you can easily put them back into shape

Cut off your excess wire. It's always worth picking up your chain nose pliers at this point to really tuck the sharp ends in

Step 5 - with the piece of wire that is sticking up make a wrapped loop. Wrap the wire around the nose of a pair of round nose pliers to make a loop, then wrap the end around the base a few times. Don't worry if it's not perfect, mine weren't, it just adds to the charm!

Step 6 - Add your earring hooks. Repeat all the above steps to complete the set.

Since I had the jewellery element of my holiday sorted I was able to focus on the pressing task of adding to my basket collection and gathering bougainvillea flowers to bring home. Happy Making! X

For more holiday hoops, have a look at these gold bead beauties or these colourful hoops made on the go.


  1. Love those earrings. The wrapping is a nice touch!


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