Featured - embellished lace collar DIY in Mollie Makes

Friday, 16 May 2014

My Embellished Lace Collar tutorial is featured in this months Mollie Makes (issue 40) - gahhhh! I've  said this quite a few times already but it is still so exciting to see my work in print, I have three full pages (pg. 79 - 81) of steps and pictures and I feel just a little bit proud of myself. I've been reading Mollie Makes since it was first published and have every single copy in my stash so to be in it (again!) is brilliant. 

What makes this copy particularly special to me is the other ladies that are featured, Joy from Oh Joy!, who's blog is one of the first I ever read and the super talented Keighley who designs for Liberty Fabrics, who has my dream job. I'm so full of admiration for them both, to be in the same magazine as them has done wonders for my confidence. I'm not saying I have anywhere near their levels of talent but to be in the same issue is pretty amazing. Have a great weekend. xx 

Mollie Makes, Issue 40 is out now.


  1. You are one talented lady and the pride is well deserved.

  2. Well done you! It was lovely to see your face and tutorial as I read it last Sunday. :) xx

  3. Amazing! Congratulations

  4. Believe the hype - you are wonderfully talented - that's why you're in the mag!! Congratulations x

  5. Congratulations. Very well deserved! It looks like a wonderful tutorial x

  6. *blushing* thanks so much everyone xx


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