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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Although I'm still catching up with myself, I had such productive weekend. Dan and I managed to rid our house of all the grotty carpets and hideous wooden sideboards that appeared to be fused into the walls. After many months of slogging away the house has finally started to reveal itself. What got me most excited this week was the prospect of finally having a place for all my supplies; no more 'stuff' squished into draws and down the side of the sofa but a dedicated area for all my washi tape, paper and fabrics - its going to be an emotional day when I'm finally reunited with my roll of pattern paper! 

Whilst we've been making serious decisions about plugs, plumbing and boilers I have been avoiding my beloved Pinterest. I find the gap between Pinterest life and real life is too great for rational thought but now most of the sensible stuff is complete I have been indulging in some workspace pinning. My making room is going to double up as a guest room so it can't be too cluttered and needs to suit boy guests too. I think I'm going to keep the walls white for now (as it means a can photograph more against them and most rooms look better white) but have lots of movable pieces so I can shift stuff around quite easily, I really think this is going to be a fun room to decorate and can't wait to share some before and after's with you. Until then here are some favourite things that have caught my eye.
Top images - crates / light / bed 

Bottom images - sofa / desk/ shelves / pillows 


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