DIY - gold leather wrapped bracelets

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Whenever I talk to people about jewellery making the reaction is often the same, a mix of fear and intimidation (a bit like how I feel about knitting) but I promise you it's really easy. Now I'm not talking setting diamonds or whizzing up a tiara because I feel as scared as you do at the thought but fun bits that you can buy in Anthropologie, Accessorize, Topshop etc are really easy and far cheaper to make yourself.

For today's DIY I'm sharing a tutorial that takes about 5 mins to make (brilliant) and is perfect for all you beginners, if you can use a pair of scissors/craft knife then you can definitely make these.
Materials - leather (I buy mine on eBay - search for leather skins), ribbon ends, I used a mix of sizes 13mm, 16mm and 20mm, fancy vintage style clasps, 5mm jump rings, super glue

Step 1. Measure around your wrist twice with a tape measure or piece of string. You want the measurement quite snug as your clasp will add wiggle room at the end.

Now cut out your pieces of leather using a craft knife or scissors if you prefer. The length will be as your double wrist measurement and width the same as your ribbon end, my bracelet was 32cm long in total but I do have ridiculously small wrists (shame about the rest of me)

step 2. Add a tiny dab of super glue to the inside if the ribbon ends and then squeeze the ribbon ends over the end of your leather strip. Repeat on both ends

Step 3. Now add your clasp using a jump ring. Depending on the direction of your clasp you might need to add two jump rings to get the clasp the right way up, if it's looking too link-y with 5mm jump rings then use smaller 4mm ones.

That's it, I told you it was really easy. I made these in three different widths and surprisingly kept them free from decoration, I am very tempted to add jewels like these but have so far resisted the urge as I the decorative clasps are enough for now. If you want dip your toe into the world of jewellery making then give these little beaut's a try. Happy Making! X

I made my back drop too - you can see the driftwood picture tutorial here and the Liberty flower garland here


  1. LOVE the bracelets and LOVE LOVE LOVE the styling :) x

  2. Is this your house? Envious! LOVE the photo styling! I need to take lessons from you to improve the photography for my DIY blog :)


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