Wayward, St Leonards

Friday, 7 March 2014

I'm really reluctant to share this place with you all, but as it was kindly recommended to me (by Jeska) I feel as though it isn't really my secret to keep. Wayward in St. Leornards is such a treasure trove of vintage ribbon, lace, buttons, beads and trims, it really is so so good. Proper ribbon shops are hard to find, and by proper I mean ordered chaos, more colours than can fit in your mind, goodness where-ever you look and helpful staff that don't mind you asking a million questions. I spend more time than I care to admit looking for the right materials and colours for my projects so finding places like this make me very happy indeed, these photo's are from my first visit but not my last - I'm already planning to get back there as soon as I can. 
 Button - ville 
 Ahh the colours, ahh the vintage cards
 Happiness is a stack of ballet pink ribbon (I bought pink, blue and green)
The blue edge lace is hand-made (can you imagine making that), so obviously I bought some of that too
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! x

Wayward, Norman Road, St Leonards on Sea,  East Sussex TN38 0EG, United Kingdom


  1. what a fun spot! these sorts of places are so exciting to find, but can be so hard to shop because I become overwhelmed and paralyzed with indecision!

  2. This place looks like heaven! I need to go, but I'd be tempted to buy everything.

  3. Erin, I know what you mean, that or I end up buying really odd stuff!!!

    Isabel, it really was heaven, make sure you take a trip but save up before hand!

  4. Ooooo thank you for sharing! I love a good rummage at the antiques shops in Hastings old town so will definitely pay Wayward a visit on my next trip down! x


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