Monday, 31 March 2014

I'd love to say all weekends comprised of gin and baked eggs at eleven, leisurely strolls along sun filled canals and then dinner at nice hotels but believe me dear readers they really don't. If they did I'd be seriously skint but as a birthday celebration then its makes for a rather pleasant day. 

My sister and I are born eight days apart and as we tend to buy what we need we decided that this year we'd have a day/night out instead of presents. My sister lives near Kings Cross so we started with brunch at Caravan, then walked along regents canal all the way to Broadway Market. I'd wanted to go for ages, it was good - full of cool people, all wearing black and posing in the sun (as I tend to wear all bright colours I didn't really fit in!) but there is loads to see and take in. Like a moth to a flame I was drawn to the beautiful florist Rebel Rebel, they let me take loads of pictures which is guaranteed to make me happy!
We then tootled back along the canal towards Shoreditch (where we were meeting our other sister),  stopping off in the gardens of the Geffrye Museum to have a look at the daffodils and blossom - I think this was the second weekend of sun so we were trying to make the most of it! I stopped taking photo's after that because we went into getting ready mode at Cheeky on Redchurch Street. For a fun thing to do with your favourite ladies then I seriously recommend, we had a package but you can easily just pop in for a manicure and a drink if you don't want to go all out. Once ready we headed to Hoi Polli at the Ace Hotel for a delicious dinner. It was great to be in London for fun rather than work for a change, London is my favourite city without a doubt and was good to be able to enjoy it rather than rush against  it like I normally do.


  1. You must have had a good time, your pictures are really beautiful ! I like hanging around with my camera in London. Broadway market is great for pictures !!! I agree with you, London is photogenic (although I come from Paris, I am enjoying living here more than France).

  2. Please tell me Sister 3 also wore stripes! Sounds like an excellent way to spend a weekend. Love the pamper session especially.

  3. Great photos! I love Caravan / Broadway Market. Glad you had a good birthday weekend. Also, happy birthday!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words - It was good to get back outside and take photo's again!

    Michelle - Sister number 3 didn't wear stripes which is a shame ;-)

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