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Friday, 28 March 2014

In an effort to share more a little more about me and the stuff that make me tick I want to start a series on my favourite things - you know just bits and pieces that I love. I'm starting today with my favourite necklaces, I really love a good necklace whether it be dainty or statement there is room in my life for all..
I don't feel dressed without jewellery (or perfume) if I miss either of these then I always feel off throughout the day. As you'd expect I have quite a bit but it's only certain pieces have real meaning and I wear if I want to feel a connection to the person that gave it me (if that makes sense) so here's my list from the top.

I can't remember what these stones are but they are semi precious and my Mum and Dad gave to me for my thirtieth. I love the the fact that the stones look like the sea and its an excellent necklace for layering up. 

This chunky statement necklace started out being something I made, loved and wore all the time. Since taking this photo it's become so much more -  having taught 30 ladies how to make, it's become a real milestone in my making career and proves to me that I really can do this jewellery stuff.

My best friends gave me this little Alex Monroe bird for my thirtieth, whenever I wear it I can hear the squeals and see the odd dance moves that happen when we're together. Wearing it always puts a smile on my face, its my happiest piece of jewellery.

Les Nereides is one of my favourite jewellery shops I just adore all the enamel and coloured stones that they use, its like a grown up sweet shop (plus I like the fact that the shop always smells nice, its an important detail). Dan got this enamel C for me a few years ago - it reminds me of summer, which is the best season to be reminded of. 

Throughout my teenage years the only place I wanted to go was New York and as a reward for being a pretty perfect teenager (I liked ballet classes and doing well at school)I was allowed to go for my 18th, amazing! Sadly 6 months before, my Gran, who was the most incredible lady passed away so I bought this Tiffany C as a reminder of her. I always wear if I want to feel safe and loved.

Ok so this turquoise necklace doesn't have huge sentimental value as the rest but I had been looking for a large coloured stone necklace for a very long time and this one from Accessorize was just perfect and quite reasonable at £17. I have been wearing it loads and plan to wear it even more in the warm months ahead.

I have a real soft spot for all things Indian and bought this gold necklace on my honeymoon in Little India in Singapore. The guys on the stand totally saw me coming but I purchased anyway and it has been a firm favourite ever since. 

I've really enjoyed writing this post - its quite a fun and cathartic thing to do. If you have an hour to spare this weekend pull out you best things and have a play around you'll be surprised how the wants disappear and a wave of goodness spreads over you. Have a great weekend x 


  1. A lovely collection. I am terrible and always forget to put jewellery on though I wish I wasn't!


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