Monday, 3 March 2014

I 'd love to present you with a perfectly aligned monthly moodboard but the above is more a true reflection of what the inside of my mind looks like, a fuzzy tangle of jewels, colour and flowers. I'm so glad February is over it left me totally frazzled as I completely ignored my 'one less thing rule'. Nevermind, March is now here and I'm already feeling more positive. Its lighter in the mornings and when I leave work in the evening plus the flowers are starting to bloom once more (these daffs are the first from my new garden - eek!).

This month my favourite colour has to be yellow, its so positive and full of energy. Lets hope it invigorates me and helps me crack on with my monthly to do's...Here's what I have planned.

Searching for the perfect yellow crepe fabric to make a shift dress 

Plotting another statement necklace tutorial

Looking forward to teaching a Pinned It, Made It Class, come along!

And also an Embellished Collar workshop

Taking Emily's Makelight Photography workshop

Trying to schedule some time off now and again to just be (thanks for the advice Siobhan, you're very wise)

I'm keeping it simple but I think that this is more than enough. Have a happy month everyone.

Psssst! - If you want to make what's in the above picture you can find the yellow earrings here, the embellished collar here and the jewel statement necklace here.


  1. Love the statement necklace!
    I'm thinking about DIY-ing one!!!
    Nice post!
    A fashion & DIY blog...


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