Floral Friday - wonderful workshops

Friday, 14 March 2014

With so many wonderful online resources for tutorials and skills sharing it can be hard to see the value of paying for a workshop and attending in person. In the last two and a half weeks I have taught two workshops and attended one, it has been intense but I have learnt so much. It's easy to say "oh I can get that for free online and teach myself" but as someone that writes at least two tutorials a week there is a limit to what you can say and share in one post. In real life I am able to show people the twist of my wrist as I make loop in wire, explain why I use certain colours over others, when something goes wrong, which it often can, I can explain how to fix and move on. Seeing people or personally moving past the tricky stage to the 'gah. I get it now!' is always the best point of any workshop - Tuesday I got 30 super ladies to that point and it was a proud moment, likewise Emily taught me to get the right colours in my photos and it has been such a relief (I know longer want to throw my camera out the window with frustration). 

Aside from the skills and tips you learn in person at a workshop, its the people that you meet that can be equally inspiring. I always get so excited when I see my students run with an idea I dreamt up and make it into their own, I get so many ideas that I just want to keep making and sharing. As a student its a good chance to meet great people -if you're there its most likely that everyone else will have similar interests to you, chatting, supporting and encouraging each other becomes a natural part of the course. I have found my ideas a bit stale recently so getting out and speaking to others has made a real difference. Talking problems away, seeing how others go about things or use my favourite materials in a new way becomes almost as exciting as the subject of the workshop itself (I always provide little notebooks at my classes as I find once I start making one idea leads to another). 

Of course online tutorials will always be a huge love of mine but if you're looking for a bit of a shake up then I recommend finding yourself a workshop and booking yourself a place pronto A few hours to have the space and time to create does wonders for a girls soul. Have a super weekend everyone. x 


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