DIY - lavender bags

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A sweet smelling DIY for you all today. What with Mothers Day and Easter due any time I thought I'd share these little lovelies. I realise that lavender bags aren't the coolest of things but I had been thinking about making them ever since I returned from Ibiza (please bear with me). My friends and I all seemed to have some kind of lavender addiction liberally dousing our pillows in loads of the stuff which got me thinking, if I was to give them the gift of a lavender bag what would they/I want to receive. So I made these in gorgeous organdie fabric (when it creases looks like tissue paper) mixed with chunky cotton lace and some jazzy jewels. I love them, so sorry girls they are staying with me for the time being, here's how to make. 
You'll need - Cotton fabric for the outer bag (I used organdie but you could use any cotton), muslin for the inner bag, cushion stuffing, lavender, embellishment materials (lace, studs, beads etc will all work)

Step 1. Cut two templates from either a piece of paper or card using the following measurements.
Outer bag – 21x 14cm
Inner bag – 19 x 12cm
These measurements include a 1cm seam allowance on the two short edges and on one long edge.

Cut out your fabric pieces, you will need one outer and one inner bag per lavender bag. For these bags I choose contrasting colour fabrics to create different layers of colour, you can just stick with one colour if you like, or use a pattern as an alternative design.

Step 2. Taking your inner bag fabric, fold in half  (taking short edge to short edge) and then stitch into place with a 1cm seam allowance. Sew a short edge, then the long edge and then half way along the last short edge, back-stitch to secure in place.

Step 3. Carefully turn your bags the right way round, making sure the corners are squared, I use scissors to get good corner points and then press.

Step 4. Using a tablespoon carefully fill each bag with a spoonful of lavender (if I was to make again I'd add another spoonful of lavender) followed by the pillow stuffing. You don’t want the bags too over stuffed, I would recommend using cotton wool ball sized piece and thin out. To close, run an edge stitch across the opening on the sewing machine or hand stitch closed, set to one side. 

Step 5.  Taking your outer bags start to decorate, you can really have fun here. For these bags I used contrasting fabric and stitched strips and circles on the bags to create different textures and then used neon and metallic studs to embellish. I also used cotton lace that I fixed onto the fabric using Bondaweb and embellished with the same neon studs. You can use any materials that you have in your collection; glass beads, pearls, vintage gemstones or leather, select a palette of two or three colours and then apply your design to the front of the fabric.

Step 6. Following step 2. Fold your fabric in half (right sides together) and sew the three edges, leaving an opening along the shortest side to fit your inner bag through. Turn the right way round and press, then insert the inner bag.

Step 7. To close the bag run an edge stitch along the base of the bag, you of course can hand stitch if you prefer. If you wish to hang your bags you could add on some ribbon to the top.

You could of course add ribbon to the tops if you want to have them hanging but I like them as little pillows. You can have a lot of fun embellishing these, I got quite carried away coming up with different  ideas (obvs). As always happy making! x 


  1. These are too cute, I love all the details and embellishments - Thanks for sharing x

  2. Thanks Josie - I'm so glad you like x

  3. Very, very pretty. They are a nice modern take on a well loved item. X


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