DIY - gold & jewel statement earrings

Thursday, 13 March 2014

 I'm getting back into my DIY groove and today I'm really happy to share these simple statement earrings with you. They take about 10 mins to make and use bits and pieces that are easy to gather in any bead shop. I have used bead spacers, jewels (of course) and a some really gorgeous crystal beads. I really love them and haven't stopped wearing them since I made them - they feel so clean and fresh. Here's how to make...
 You'll need - Coloured jewels (try Primark, they seem to have good bracelet mixes in at the moment), crystal drops (these are about 2cm long), bead spaces in a mix of sizes (but make sure they have enough holes in so you can thread jump rings through), 5mm and 7mm jump rings, cord ends, earring stands and strong glue
Step 1. First glue your jewels onto the spacer beads and leave to dry for a bit

Step 2. If you are using shaped jewels like these, flatten out a cord end and glue to the back of the jewel

Step 3. Fix your spacer beads together with jump rings (see this jump ring tutorial for more details). You might want to use a range of different sizes for a closer fit

Step 4. Fix your earring stands to the top of the earrings. I found that my spikes were didn't quite fit the loop of the earring post so I had to snip a bit off. I also used earrings stands/posts as I find they're less likely to fall out my ears (which happens a lot) 

These really are perfect Spring time earrings - I can't stop looking at/wearing them. Stick with colours that you love and you won't go wrong, they make great beginner earrings without having that new to jewellery making look (its fine we've all been there!). Happing Making! x

PS - The fuzz on my photos is one part user error/ one part needing the right lens. If anyone would like to donate a marco lens for a Cannon DSLR then I'd welcome one with open arms. 


  1. I love the idea of creating components out of rhinestone chain and bead caps. That's a trick I might have to borrow. I always save the extra crystals I cut off when I use cup chain and now I know what to do with them!

  2. Yay! It's a perfect project for using up odds and ends and you really don't need much stuff at all. I'd love to see what you make x

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