Workshop - Deen City Farm

Monday, 10 February 2014

When I wrote my in depth autobiography, age 12, I stated that when I grew up I wanted to own either a bead or pet shop. Not much has changed nearly 19 years on so imagine my delight when I was asked by the lovely folk at Deen City Farm to run a jewellery making workshop for them. 

We ran it as a drop-in class so I really wasn't sure who (if any one) would want to take part - I had to compete with all the animals for attention! Luckily for me I had about nine people turn up at the table and stay for the full three hours. I taught my three favourite bracelets tutorials -  Lace Charm bracelets, Seed Bead Circle Bracelets and these Leather Charm Bracelets. What surprised me the most was how quickly everyone picked the techniques up (especially the youngest ladies at the table, who were teaching by the end!) and come up with their own designs. Making, creating and sharing is what I love to do and the more classes I teach the more I want to do. Seeing the moment when people 'get it' and take my tutorials on as their own is so exciting to watch. 

If you're in South London keep an eye out on the Deen City Farm website they run loads of free classes, if I was closer then I'd love to do a basket weaving course. I hope to run another drop in over the summer so I'll keep you updated with the details. 


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