Monday, 24 February 2014

Do you remember the day the sun came out? I do and it was the best birthday present I could have asked for. It was my birthday at the weekend and all I wanted was a proper day-off, no house DIY, no blog DIY just a day to mooch about and have fun. I had wanted to go to Hastings for a while and it seemed a perfect place to spend a day, I had heard of the rummage shops and quaint buildings and it didn't disappoint. Jeska kindly give me some recommendations for good places to eat and a few hidden gems in St. Leonards where I bought a good stash of vintage ribbons and (almost) a table. Despite living by the sea its still good to get away to another sea-side town now and again.  
The High Street and George Street in the Old Town were the best places to have a rummage especially if you like second hand shops (there also looked like there were some great deli's too).  I went for dinner at Cafe Maroc which was delish and I seriously recommend.
I started the day with pancakes at the Pelican Diner which were so tasty, make sure you pop in if you're passing.
It was a windy walk from the Old Town in Hastings to St. Leonards but worth it, there are some real gems on Norman Road to be explored (hello, vintage haberdashery).

A change of scenery definitely did me good, I have found the last few months really hard going so it was good to have a break and come back feeling refreshed. Now I'm planning my next day off, these weekend things are amazing!


  1. I loved Hastings when we visited. Sadly Tim wasn't too into the vintage shopping. C'est la vie ;) Glad you are relaxing a little. And happy belated birthday!


  3. Happy birthday Charlotte, you look great in the wind !

  4. Happy birthday!!! Glad you had a lovely time. Hastings is such a pretty town.


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