Floral Friday - Past/Present

Friday, 14 February 2014

It's been a stressful few weeks and if I'm honest I have felt a little off, so I'm glad to be finishing the week on a soft note. I bought this vintage slip a while back in my favourite charity shop, it was fairly expensive (for a charity shop) but I knew I had to have it, I couldn't let an old piece of beautiful sewing get away. It has been carefully repaired which always makes me dream of the adventures it has been on in a past life - it looks like its from the 1920's so I imagine lots of dancing, beading and snazzy hairbands. It also reminds me about choosing quality over quantity in the present. I have been mulling over clothes (and sewing) quite a lot in the last few weeks, carefully clearing out old clothes that no longer suit me or suit what I have going on and focusing on what I really need opposed to what I think I want. There is such bad quality out there, that I really want to hone my sewing skills again (I used to be able to make wedding dresses) and make a few more bits. What I can't/don't have time to make I want to focus on fit and quality even if it does take three hours to buy a t-shirt (I just bought this one, its perfect), it'll be worth it and avoid my usual wardrobe melt-downs. If you need a bit of a wardrobe rehab then I recommend these posts from Wide Eyed Legless, they are a perfect if you feel like starting again. I'd love to know how you feel about the great quality/quantity debate, do you feel your shopping habits changing? Have a super weekend lovely people. x


  1. that is gorgeous.... that link is so useful! Thank you. Planning to have a major reorganisation of my clothes this month! xx

    1. Oooh do it! There is nothing better than a wardrobe clear out, do it in a sightly bad mood too it really helps!

  2. Love this slip. Hope you're weeks start to be less stressful! x


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