Monday, 3 February 2014

I saw my very first crocus at the weekend which always signals the beginning of February. This month I still aim to keep things as quiet as they can be, doing one less thing rather than one more. I have been busy writing some Valentines tutorials for people this week so expect to see a few heart shaped DIY's around these parts (I try to avoid them but I can never resist) and for me it's birthday month so I planning on having a whole weekend off to go on an adventure. 

Like last month I have rounded up my favourite things that are currently inspiring me so here they are...

This Zara coat is my new favourite - unfortunately the lining has completely torn (i've only had it a month - grr) but I'm going to fix it and wear it as much as possible it beats my grim grey puffer. 

The house renovations continue - we should be finishing our bedroom this month and as the walls are quite bumpy, even after papering so going for a glamourous slightly Indian feel. I have had to stop pinning interiors as my perception of real life has become too warped! I have been reading this Indian Interiors book for inspiration instead. Plus if we hadn't bought this house we'd probably be on holiday in India so its a kind of compromise. 

I have become obsessed, 100% obsessed with looking for cheap holidays on Secret Escapes. I'm on there more than once a day just scrolling through all the amazing holidays. 

I found this incredible Moroccan oil in Aldi a few weeks ago and despite my hair desperately needing a haircut it has made it all soft and lovely. Plus its only about £3.29 and smells good. 

I have just confirmed a Pinned it, Made it class for these statement necklaces for March (keep an eye out for more details). I have got the teaching bug back again so will try and set up more classes for the spring time. 

I'm loving all the lace I keep seeing in magazines, this lace skirt tutorial is totally 'on trend' and perfect for making on cold rainy days. I like to think its a little Burberry inspired. 

Have a great month. x 


  1. All so blue. I got some argan oil from a £ store while in London. Doing good stuff. Though I am wondering what is actually in argan oil or Moroccan oil ...


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