DIY - diamante statement necklace

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Today I'm re-visiting a past make. I made this statement necklace back in the autumn (as a work in progress) and whist I liked it, it wasn't quite right. It's been floating around my craft 'area' for a while now waiting to be remade with additional sparkle. Here's how..
Step 1. Gather supplies in one place - I used vintage and new diamante chain
Step 2. Remove all the necklaces fixed to the pearl necklace. If starting from scratch see the original tutorial for details on how to knot the cord to the pearls
Step 3. Cut a piece of new diamante chain and fix onto the cord with needle and thread
Step 4. Take the large stone diamante necklace and fix to the cord using a mix of 5mm and 7mm jump rings. Its a bit fiddly but persevere. 
Step 5. Fix the small the detailed necklace to the new diamante chain using 7mm jump rings
Step 6. Wear 

I realise that these steps might not be the easiest to follow but use them as a guide to inspire you rather than follow word for word. One of the most exciting things about making jewellery from vintage or recycled jewels you can never be quite sure of how the final piece is going to turn out. Make sure you stay open minded and don't freak out that it has gone wrong until the very end! If whatever you make isn't quite right then just take it apart and start again, as they say practice makes perfect. Happy making! 


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