Mollie Makes, The Back Page Project

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Well well, this is exciting my very first published article. If you come across Mollie Makes this month (issue 36) then I demand that you turn to the very back page and take a read - its only me, gah! I'm talking about one of my very favourite subjects, treasure hunting and finding unusual jewels, it really is a cracker! 

The above was all written in a joking tone but on a serious note its been six months since I went down to four days in my office job and so far having a day to work on my creative side has been amazing. Having a dedicated day to persue something I absolutely adore, is brilliant on so many levels. I know I'm still at the bottom of a very small hill but working hard and seizing opportunities has brought so many great things my way, like the above. If you're thinking about making changes to your career this year then I say go for it, make sure you have enough cash flow to cover your basics but if you can do. I was given the same advice this time last year and now I am passing the baton on. 

Mollie Makes issue 36 (the one with small birds on the front) is out now. 


  1. Amazing Charlotte - I love seeing all the things that you are doing!

  2. Congrats clever lady! Good things happen when you follpw your dreams!

  3. Ahh thanks ladies, I'll be dining off this for a while!


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