Instagram - January (& a bit of December)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Instagram continues to be my favourite place to capture the good stuff that happens, on dreary days I love having a scroll through and remembering all the good moments. Despite always thinking January should be all quiet and cosy, it has been anything but. The last few weeks of December were so busy I am only just catching up, here are a few of my best bits...

A family wedding between Christmas and New Year was a good way to spend a weekend, and just  look at the cake my Auntie made - it was incredible!

Taking down the tree and playing around with a few favourite "bits" is always a good way to spend an hour. 

I have had a few projects left over from last year that have kept my creative Mondays occupied.

Most weekends Dan and I have been busy decorating - each weekend we learn a new skill and find the source of what seem to be never-ending leaks. 

Going back to work has been dull but its good to get back into London again (and back to the bead shops and erm, the sales!).  

I hope you've been having a good January. 

You can find me on Instagram at LottsandLots


  1. Love Instagram, love these kinds of posts! :D I hope decorating is progressing well. Leanne x


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