Floral Friday - happy, healthy eating

Friday, 17 January 2014

I feel like I have mentioned this quite a bit but sorting out my diet and eating habits has changed my life - what turned out to be a four month detox was the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have done in a very long time. If you suffer from IBS then I recommend finding a homeopath and having an intolerance test pronto, it won't cure you (I guess you're a bit of an anxious person like me) but it will definitely ease that fire tap-dance in your belly every time you eat.

As its that time of year when most people vow to eat healthier I thought I'd share some of my favourite tips/recipes/thoughts on how I've come to eat better*.

Go all or nothing when it comes to alcohol, sugar, cheese or chocolate. I found that because these things make me really happy I couldn't/can't have just a taste - its much easier to just say no to it all in the first place.

Chilli, coriander,  lime, coconut, bananas, organic sugar free peanut butter became my best friends when cooking and baking - If you're cutting out good stuff then prepare healthy foods with loads of strong fresh flavors.

Eating well is really expensive, gluten free bread rolls are about half the size of normal rolls but five times the price, mix where you shop. I buy all my fruit and vege in Aldi,  special pulses from Waitrose and fun free stuff from my local health shop or Holland and Barratt.

Quinoa and brown rice are actually quite nice. I like quinoa with onion, garlic, passata, loads of fresh herbs (try mint, parsley & coriander) plus any other roasted veg I have kicking round.

A handful of almonds is never enough.

There are some amazing recipes out there that taste better than "normal" food.
Hemsley and Hemsley - this stew is my all time favourite
Deliciously Ella - is a great starting point for all super healthy stuff (recommended by a reader, thanks!)
The Wholesome cook - Is another great site I have only just found
Strands of my Life - Was another recommendation, I have made these muffins a few times and are good for afternoon sugar slumps (file them in your mind as fruit snacks rather than cakes, it helps)

I have been also using  this Leon cookbook for healthy and tasty recipes plus an amazing lemon chicken recipe in issue 14 of The Simple Things.

Start a recipe book of your own - somethings you'll try and love other stuff can be a bit "meh" having a book of your favourites is so handy when deciding what to eat.

Plan what you are going to cook, this is a very grown up thing to do but it saves waste and also means you won't be tempted to eat rubbish.

There is still room for improvement and I am no way 100% healthy but I have noticed so many improvements in my skin and eyes (both so much clearer) and I have loads more energy and no more afternoon slumps. If you have any more website recommendations or recipes that you'd like to share pop them in the comments below. I'm now wheat and dairy free so looking for good sites in that area if know of any. Have a great weekend. x 


  1. Oh wow, that squash, red lentil & coconut curry sounds amazing! I've bookmarked it for future cooking adventures. :) Lovely post - have you seen Trends with Benefit's Alpro challenge post? (http://trendswb.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/alproam-challenge.html) It might be up your street. :) Leanne x

  2. No I haven't, will click over right away. You must make the curry, its the best! :-)


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