DIY - vintage earring necklace

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Finally a new necklace tutorial for the new year. This chap is made from charity shop earrings mixed in with some new to me fabric chain. I think the navy and white combo is perfect for January days, it feels fresh and clean with the vintage jewels giving it a bit of soul. Originally these earrings were destined for a New Years Eve party but instead they have made it around my neck (sorry girls!). It is fairly simple to put together and combines a few different methods which you can mix and match to suit whatever earrings you happen to come across on your search for materials. All the steps are below. 
You'll need - fabric chain, a selection of vintage earrings, 7mm jump-rings, lobster clasp and ribbon ends (see this findings post for details
Step 1. Remove the backs of your earrings, these came away quite easily but you might need to cut the back with some pliers
Step 2. With these mesh earrings, I pierced holes at the edges with a nail
Step 3. For flat back earrings like these flatten your ribbon ends and glue using super glue to the back and leave to dry. Make sure the holes face outwards.and are at the top of the earring.
Step 4. If using connector pieces remove any findings or decorations that are not needed for this tutorial. Save the extra pieces (like these feathers) for other projects.
Step 5. Using 7mm jump-rings connect all your pieces together (see this jump-ring post for all the details of how to open and close). In the materials picture I had planned to gold but when it came to it I used silver. 
Step 6. Cut two pieces of cord chain. The total length of this necklace is 55cm to get the length of your chain measure your detail section, minus that number from 55 then divide that number by two. Add on a lobster clasp to one end and then jump ring to the other.
Step 7. Using jump rings fix the chain to the detail. 

 I really love this necklace, its quick to put together and is one of a kind. I'm tempted to buy (shock) a plain stone necklace to go with as I think it could take some layering up too. Happy Making! x


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