Goodbye 2103

Monday, 30 December 2013

In true blogging style it wouldn't be right to end the year without a bit of reflection. This year, instead of having a whole list of resolutions broken by February I decided to have one word to carry throughout the year, this year mine was "Focus". Having one word meant I could apply it to different areas of my life as needed - I have got control of my finances, sorted my eating habits (this has been truly life-changing) and taken steps to have a more creative and fulling career. I have worked harder in the last six months than I have in a very long time and the results are really starting to show. I'm so proud of what I have managed to achieve, it has been from my own hardwork,  dedication, saying yes to as many opportunities as I can and most importantly not being afraid to fail. I'm not sure what 2014 will hold (I'm very superstitious about saying the next year is going to be a good one) but I'm excited to see what else is out there. 

Lastly I'd like to thank everyone who stops by and reads this blog, it has been a real pleasure to have you around (apart from you vampirestats). See you next year for more crafty adventures, slightly fuzzy photo's and a whole heap of jazzy jewels. Lots of Love xx


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