Floral Friday - Ederle

Friday, 6 December 2013

Here's something rather lovely for a Friday, if like me you haven't started any Christmas shopping then I demand that you click right over to the beautiful new Ederle (pronounced Ed-er-lay) online shop. All the items are designed by the oh so talented, Jo, and handmade in the UK, I can 100% vouch for this as I made these necklaces and bracelets, how nice? 

When Jo told me about her plans for her shop I just knew it was going to be beautiful. Having worked with her on just a tiny part - her dedication, passion and hardwork were so inspiring. So many people have dreams and ideas but very few people have the guts to get them off the ground, but look what happens when you do - absolute beauty. 
From working with Jo I learnt so much about not compromising what you stand for and striving for perfection, I'm  honored to have been a link in the process and watch it take shape. Have a wonderful weekend and make sure you take a look, the ceramics are my favourites. x


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