DIY - ribbon christmas cards

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

 Right, here is the second of this weeks DIY's - Christmas cards. These really don't take long to whip up which is good as you still have until Friday to post. These weren't my original card idea but in order to cut corners, save time and money they have turned out rather well. I managed to make 30 in an hour and I warn you they are pretty addictive. If you don't want to make them as cards you could always fashion into gift-tags or use as a trim around your Christmas cake. All the steps are below.

You'll need - A selection of coloured ribbons, a long length of sturdy ribbon like grosgrain, blank A6 cards, double sided tape or a glue-gun.

Step 1. Cut your ribbon to different lengths, mine ranged from 7cm - 3cm long

Step 2. Sew the strips onto the ribbon, I started with longer strips and worked up to the smaller. When you have a length of approx. 7cm of ribbon strips leave a 2cm gap and repeat. Do this for as many trees as you want to make.

Step 3. Now make your tree shape - leave a length of ribbon at the base of your strip, this will be the trunk. Then from the top cut a triangle shape, making a tree.

Step 4. Run a length of double sided tape or glue and stick to the front of the card.

There you go a forest of shimmering trees. I obviously haven't written that many but thats not the point - we still have a week to go and therefore plenty of time! Happy making! x


  1. Hey Charlotte, love the style of these - so pretty, and unique!
    Leanne at Knit me a cake x

  2. Thanks Leanne, I even managed to send them all!

  3. Such a lovely christmas card designs. Your so creative !!
    BTW, thanks for inspiration :-)


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